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  1. tags for Notable Quotes and newsletter articles - combine with #214 &275 14 Aug 2012 Contributor(s): Jennifer Crowell

    Original request #421: The ability to tag Notable Quotes and newsletter articles. Addendum (12/11/12): At the "Add Your Success Story" please add these fields: 1. country (Where the submitter is now located, or using nanoHUB from. Please do not ask this as a citizenship question. We are interested in information about the geographically dispersed

  2. Fix subject line for messages about new wishlist items 7 Feb 2014 Contributor(s): Geoffrey Coram

    I posted 3 new wishes, and I got notices in my inbox about them. I have a few comments: a) why is "WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL" in there? WISHLIST, New Wish for WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL mde from Geoffrey Coram Shouldn't it just be WISHLIST, New Wish for 'mde' from Geoffrey Coram b) can I disable notifications of my own wishes? I wanted to

  3. Search Bar in the nanoHUB iPad app 21 May 2013 Contributor(s): Tanya Faltens

    I'd like to be able to search for all nanoHUB content from the iPad app, not just the items in the menu on the left of the page (Home, Tools, News, Profile, Help. I see that I can click on and search there, but why not in the app?

  4. Show this tool in list of "Resources".

    Tool Matsimtk 17 May 2013 Contributor(s): Tanya Faltens

    It would be nice for this toolkit to show up under "Resources" in the trifold. I cannot find it there, and only got here by using the search box.

  5. Search on the tool page 26 Mar 2013 Contributor(s): Victoria Farnsworth

    Is there anyway that we can search on the tool page?

  6. sidebar for events page 16 Feb 2013 Contributor(s): Jennifer Crowell

    At the page: Above the search and calendar, below the "

  7. nanoHUB app for tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android) 13 Oct 2012 Contributor(s): Samiran Ganguly

    Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous today and the preferred way to access websites is through "apps" rather than web interface. Primary reason being apps can be GPU accelerated and data transfer can be smaller using apps (app can do a lot of pulling things not possible on a website) Are there any plans to develop such an app for the iOS and

  8. Expand how search works on members to include more criteria besides name 26 Apr 2012

    Posted on behalf of G. Klimeck (transferred from ticket #258683); I would like to search for all public members at " or in "Africa" or alike on but the search apparently only works on the name. The search needs to work in a much more expanded form in terms of the released

  9. Drop submitters from resource listings 6 Dec 2011 Contributor(s): Joseph M. Cychosz

    Drop submitter information from search, series, workshop listings.

  10. Change the way we handle "private" profiles 5 Oct 2011 Contributor(s): Michael McLennan

    Let's change the "public/private profile" option so people can understand it better and make it "public" by default. Instead of "Public profile (others may view your profile)", let's call it "List me in the Members directory" and have it checked by default for all members when they first register. When this is checked, the user shows up on the

  11. Provide a mechanism to deal with obsolete resources 17 May 2011 Contributor(s): Lynn Zentner

    Per discussion at today's Web Meeting (5/17/11) - there needs to be a mechanism for dealing with obsolete/out of date resources in a way that may allow them to remain published, but that lowers them in ranking and search and also provides a means to redirect to a more up to date resource if one exists.

  12. News feed module for "in the news handling" 9 Mar 2011 Contributor(s): Joseph M. Cychosz

    The intent of this wish is to create a system to replace the current systems used on nanohub which is a simple 1 page html document, and on NCN which is system type of system. The goal is to have a system which tracks news specificly. News can be a press release, news article, or featured article (internal or external). The module should

  13. General comments on Links in Member Bio's 27 Jan 2011 Contributor(s): Joseph M. Cychosz

    I am using Jerry Woodall's bio as an example: In his bio, the GaAs, GaAlAs, GaAlAs/GaAs, etc. are links to something?? I get a meaningless list of users. Most of them named Unknown.... Even the named one's make no sense. I think this is what we want to see. I am assuming the purpose of these links is to find

  14. Expired events have a lower priority in search results 25 Jan 2011 Contributor(s): Joseph M. Cychosz

    I think I searched for 2010 summer school looking for a workshop.

  15. Add "submitted by me" to wishlist search list 9 Nov 2010 Contributor(s): Joseph M. Cychosz

    I see assigned to me in list. Submitted by me would also be very useful.

  16. See/access all the resources I have created on my HUB 15 Oct 2010 Contributor(s): Ashlie Martini

    When I search for myself, I can see all the resources I have created.

  17. Add Misc Usage tab to /usage page 14 Oct 2010 Contributor(s): Swaroop S

    Compiling Gerhard's requests" A "Misc Usage" tab on the /usage page that contains metrics such as - iTunes Usage (monthly Users/Downloads with Plots) - Wikipedia Referral Usage (Monthly Visits/Visitors with Plots) - Top Referral sites - Search Words used in Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

  18. Reintegrate ranking with search 24 Sep 2010 Contributor(s): Steven Snyder

    There is a ticket about this, but it's kind of a long-range goal contingent on some changes to the ranking algorithm. So, I'm moving it here to serve as a reminder and to get some feedback in the meantime.

  19. improve search 13 Aug 2010 Contributor(s): Gerhard Klimeck

    I tried the following things tonight where I searched for

  20. Insert Members name in alt tag for profile image 12 Aug 2010 Contributor(s): Joseph M. Cychosz

    To enhance search engine results, please add the members name into the alt tag on there member profile image., a resource for nanoscience and nanotechnology, is supported by the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.