NCN Nano-Devices for Medicine and Biology

by Joseph M. Cychosz

This NCN theme seeks to extend the understanding and computational tools developed in the Nanoelectronics and NEMS themes and apply them to the development of devices for medicine and biology. The long-term vision is to develop a full hierarchy of coupled models and simulations that constitute a true multiscale approach to the analysis and design of biological, bio-inspired, and bio-analytical systems. In the same way that the Nanoelectronics and NEMS themes study the behavior of individual devices in order to design a system with complex input-output behavior, we seek a detailed understanding of the behavior of biomolecular elementary components – to manipulate, for example, membranes and proteins to realize bio-inspired systems. In addition to these ‘bio-for-nano’ systems, we also explore ‘nano-for-bio’ systems like electronic biosensors for applications in genomics and proteomics. The work of this theme directly leverages the work of the Nanoelectronics and NEMS themes and brings in the perspectives and techniques of computational biology as well. The focus is an exploratory one that seeks to engage engineers, physical scientists, and biologists in the exploration and development of new kinds of devices for applications in medicine and biology. The educational resources and tools being developed specifically address the challenges and opportunities of connecting these communities. Major programs funded by NIH and NSF at Illinois, Northwestern, and Purdue support the research research activities that this NCN theme leverages.

This page is a starting point for nanoHUB users. It lists a few resources developed or recommended by the NCN Nano-devices team. You can find other resources by browsing through the list with the tags nano/bio or nanomedicine, or by using the nanoHUB search box to locate other resources.

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