NCN Nanoelectronics

by Michael McLennan, Mark Lundstrom, Gerhard Klimeck, Joseph M. Cychosz

Microelectronics was one of the great technologies of the 20th century. Progress in technology has now taken microelectronics to the nanoscale, but nanoelectronics is not yet an engineering discipline. The NCN has a vision to re-invent electronics from the “bottom-up,” by which we mean understanding electronic conduction at the atomistic level, formulating new simulation techniques, developing a new generation of software tools, and bringing new understanding and approaches into the education of device engineers. We work closely with experimentalists to understand nanoelectronic phenomena and explore new device approaches. In the course of this work, we produce open source software tools and educational resources that we share with the community through the nanoHUB.

This page is a starting point for nanoHUB users. It lists a few resources developed or recommended by the NCN Nanoelectronics team. For applications of electronic devices to medicine and biology, see “Nano-device for Medicine and Biology.” You can find other resources by browsing through the list with the tag nanoelectronics, or by using the nanoHUB search box to locate other resources.

Selected Resources

Special Inititatives

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