Our Cyberinfrastructure

hubzero Our web site is powered by the HUBzero software developed at Purdue University. HUBzero was specifically designed to help the members of a scientific community share resources and work together. HUB users can upload their own content and share it with the rest of the community. Users can also launch simulations and post-process results with an ordinary web browser—without having to download, compile, or install any code. The tools they access are not just web forms, but powerful graphical tools that support visualization and comparison of results. HUBs are more than just repositories of information, they are places where researchers and educators can share data and simulation tools online. 

How Does a Hub Differ From a Web Site?

At its core, a hub is a website built with many familiar open-source packages—the Linux operating system, an Apache web server, a MySQL database, PHP web scripting, and the Joomla content management system. The HUBzero software builds upon that infrastructure to create an environment in which researchers, educators, and students can access simulation tools and share information. Specifically, we define a "hub" as a web-based collaboration environment with the following features:

  • Interactive simulation tools, hosted on the hub cluster and delivered to your browser
  • Simulation tool development area, including source code control and bug tracking
  • Animated presentations delivered in a light-weight, Flash-based format
  • Mechanism for uploading and sharing resources
  • User feedback for resources
  • User support area, with question-and-answer forum
  • Statistics about users and usage patterns

You can use this software to start a hub for your own scientific community. Visit HUBzero.org to learn more!

Partners & Contributors

Recommendation Engine

The recommendation function is a joint effort between the Department of Computer Science and the HUBzero/NCN team at Purdue University. For more information, please contact Prof. Luo Si (lsi@cs.purdue.edu).