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I thought I would send you a note to let you know how useful and important has been to me and students in my Nanotechnology and Materials Chemistry course at the City University of New York (CUNY).

I taught this course for the first time this past semester at the Graduate School of CUNY. Previously, a team approach had been used, with several faculty offering lectures covering areas of their expertise. This approach was not completely satisfactory to the graduate school leadership, and I was asked to put together a more traditional, single lecturer offering. To this end, I chose a textbook (Poole) and developed lectures in line with the chapters in the book. However, as I developed the course materials, I realized that something was missing. That something, indeed, was a cadre of experts in the various nanotechnology areas who (because of their broadly recognized contributions in specific nanotechnology areas) could bring a level of excitement and depth beyond what I might be able to do; and, beyond that sought in the original team teaching approach. I began to search high and low for approaches that would make our course one that the students would be excited about and I could be proud of. My search led me to the nanoHUB. The lectures and the format at the site are ideal for what the course should provide. I can now say, with pride, that the Nanotechnology and Materials Chemistry course taught at CUNY is outstanding, since we exploit some of the very best leaders in various fields of nanotechnology to bring the subject to life.

Dan Akins Dan Akins City University New York (2008)