Notable Quotes has proven itself to be an extremely valuable tool for education and research. I teach a senior undergraduate and first-year graduate level class at Stanford (EE 218: Introduction to Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology). The class provides an introduction to the basic concepts of nanoelectronics, and many students use it as a springboard to delve deeper into specific topics in their thesis research. We have used the Resonant Tunneling Diode simulator and the MSL simulator on the nanoHUB for homework exercises and mid-term exams. A class survey of the use of the nanoHUB simulation engines had shown that the experience is quite positive. The staff at the nanoHUB has been very responsive in supporting our class activities in a professional manner.

The nanoHUB has made it possible for a wide variety of academic institutions to access and use state-of-the-art research results. It is a great example of how the NSF has provided for the society at large and achieves broad impact across society.

H. S. Philip Wong H. S. Philip Wong Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University (2008)