Notable Quotes

I visited the site during nine different lectures (of 38 total lectures), and used the tools and demos there to illustrate particular points in the lectures. In one case, I went to a source for which the link was on the nanoHUB (the Virginia atoms to MOSFETs videos), but the rest of the visits were concerned with demos and tools for p-n junctions, MOSFETs, RTDs, and CNTs. I found it to be a very useful site for the students, and
encouraged them to get their own accounts so as to use the tools to solve homework problems.

It is my experience that, having these tools available on the site, the teaching experience is more productive in passing information to the students. As I move on to other courses, I will continue to visit the site to find ways to incorporate more visits into the course.

David Ferry David Ferry Professor, Electrial and Computer Engineering, Arizona State University (2008)