Notable Quotes

During the time I performed the study for the manuscript "Engineering the Plasmon Resonance of Large Area Bimetallic Nanoparticle Films by Laser Nanostructuring for Chemical Sensors," I used a few different programs to simulate plasmonic nanostructures. I found particularly useful the Extinction, Scattering and Absorption Efficiencies of Multilayer Nanoparticles tool on nanoHUB because it was giving very good approximation with the experimental data. The fact that the tools in nanoHUB are running on the cloud, allowing users to operate them without need for installation locally, is revolutionary and particularly valuable in research facilities where the computers are administrated and no software installation policy applies. The tool was easy to use with well documented tutorials. Furthermore, it allows storing your simulation data online for evaluation later on. The tool comes with a DOI reference number, which allows you to cite it. This is particularly useful for publications. The vast number of different tools and educational information from leading research groups which are available on nanoHUB through the Internet allow us to perform studies on different subjects as well as virtually connect with other groups from all over the world. Overall, the nanoHUB concept is excellent, allowing time and cost saving as well as making my research easier and more fun! Congratulations to the nanoHUB team for the effort and the amazing work, and keep going.

Michail J. Beliatis Michail J. Beliatis Advanced Technology Institute, Nanoelectronics Centre, University of Surrey, UK (2012)