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928 Coupled Mode Space
Asked by Dalia Selim Louis Open 2
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927 will the piezo electric property of remain after nanoparticlising it??
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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926 what is an op amp? Describe in detail.
Asked by viraj rathwa Open 0
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925 Alignment of molecules in the formation of heterojunction.
Asked by Mugundhan Vijayaraghavan Open 0
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924 Why the unit of current is uA/um ?
Asked by Ashish Kumar Singh Closed 1
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923 There will be overlapping CNTS with metal-semiconductor junctions, contributing to transport. Have this tool accounted for this?
Asked by sachin dattatray pable Open 1
922 wht is the s of k.p model in ATLAS.Does it contribute the effect of commpressive strain when In0.53Ga0.47As is grown on In0.5Al0.5As
Asked by Umesh Prasad Gomes Open 0
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921 Using nanomos
Asked by Karan Doad Open 1
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919 How do i download? the nemo-3d software
Asked by mohammad mehdi abbasi Open 1
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918 Nanoeducation
Asked by Dave Mitchel Closed 1
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917 I am using OMEN to simulate Id-Vg characteristics for different Diameter of circular Nanowire FET. But the simulated unit of Id is Ampere, which I need to convert to μA/μm. How can I do that? please share the conversion relat
Asked by Shah Mohammad Bahauddin Closed 1
916 What is the reference material for calculating the band offsets in the n-AlGaAs-p
Asked by Anonymous Closed 1
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915 hai i need a simulator for double gate cntfet, is it possible to simulate cntfet using hspice?
Asked by abu salih Open 0
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913 How can we specify p-type doping for a layer in 1-D herero tool?
Asked by saphire peak Open 1
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912 why would not rpoduce the *_msh.dat file in the mesh engerning in TCAD?
Asked by li lyan lian Open 0
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911 error when producing z-matrix
Asked by Iwan Sahputra Closed 1
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910 what are the main problems in using MuGFET tool while simulating a Fi
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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909 Is there a simulator for nanotechnology that cleans polluted water?
Asked by Oliver Hu Open 0
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908 How can I write or copy the output data to a file on my computer?
Asked by James A. Cooper Open 1
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