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624 Is it possible to obtain authorization for using this tool?
Asked by Sergei Zhukovsky Open 0
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623 how electron tunnelling takes place in superlattices of GaAs/AlGaAs
Asked by Barsha Ghosh Open 1
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622 what tools are available for obtaining the E-K diagram for various material
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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621 How Metal induces crystallisation
Asked by Mahesh Kumar Uppada Open 0
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620 spice model of silicon nanowire transistor
Asked by anita narendra bhatt Open 2
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619 Is there a self-consistent schrodinger-poisson solver on nanohub?
Asked by John Watson Open 0
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618 calculated values of Seebeck coefficient
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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617 Exactly same subband energies for 2 ladders
Asked by Ashish Agrawal Open 1
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616 why thin films are transparent?
Asked by sangeeth kallat Open 0
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615 formation of CNT
Asked by sangeeth kallat Closed 1
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614 How much heat energy will be released, if any, while an excited electron relaxes into the valence band in a direct band-gap material?
Asked by Madhanagopal B Closed 1
613 How useful can ring shaped nano and micro crystals be in materials science?
Asked by Madhanagopal B Open 2
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612 is there is the total resistance of the mixed bundle i.e sum of fundamental and scattering resistances in output log?????
Asked by tafseer alam malik Open 0
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608 phd in engineering technology
Asked by gourav Open 1
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607 Silicon nanowire transistors
Asked by anita narendra bhatt Open 1
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606 What does bk, pr, alb, g stand for???
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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605 Simulation
Asked by Faris Hassan Aldabbagh Open 0
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604 nano photolithography?
Asked by Xiaoming Liu Open 1
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602 Does nanoHUB’s online tools system support python modules outside Rappture? (Particulary SciPy/NumPy)
Asked by Kevin T Siegl Closed 1
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601 How can i write poisson in a GNR FET regarding its zero heigth?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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