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439 does this tool calculates the electrostatic capacitance of the bundle containing only SWCNT, if it is then how can we feed parameter in this tool?
Asked by dipen p patel Closed 1
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437 Every time when I launch the tool, an error message about jave appeared on the screen, Can you tell me why ?
Asked by Weijuan Zhou Open 0
436 Matlab Code Nanowire
Asked by boudjella Open 1
435 How do I download my results from the storage mannagment
Asked by Eran Grinvald Open 1
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434 How do I make multiple proccesses work?
Asked by Eran Grinvald Open 2
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433 how to run Meep simulations which need a normalization run!
Asked by Asa Asadollahbaik Open 1
432 How to simulate an other material
Asked by frederic jean Open 0
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431 Could I use the abinit package on nanohub to simulate doped CNTs?
Asked by Ayman khalil Farhat Open 0
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430 how drawing by semilogscal?
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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429 permission to access the tool
Asked by Nahil Sobh Open 1
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428 N-N junction
Asked by Mostafa Sayed Abdulaleem Open 0
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427 “LOgarithm” keyword does not work
Asked by Mohammed Fouly Mostafa Open 0
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426 Number of Atoms
Asked by Ehsan Shokri Closed 1
425 Does anybody know how to submit LAMMPS jobs on nanoHub?
Asked by Jianguo Wu Open 0
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423 How to load the microstructure to convert to image in OOF2 ??
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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422 cylindrical geometry for mosfet in PADRE
Asked by Rajat Kulshrestha Open 1
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421 Temperature Adjustment
Asked by Ehsan Shokri Closed 1
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420 How to simulate the band structure of quantum wells
Asked by chengjie zhu Closed 1
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419 average velocity vs gate voltage for single and double gate mosfets
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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418 How do we view our progress report? Clicking on “Progress Report” does not seem to do anything… Thanks.
Asked by Bhavya Rangaramanujan Open 1
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