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Karan Doad

Using nanomos

Hi I am beginner and i was trying to use nanoMOS for first time in MATLAB. I downloaded latest nanoMOS but i coudnt find out how to run it as there was no nanomos.m file in it as mentioned in INSTALL file. Then i downloaded 2.5 version and ran it, it asked for file name to be run, i used example_1 given in the package and it asked for output directory, i entered it and got following errors:

Enter filename to be run: example_1
Enter name of output directory: MATLAB

dump =

Invalid assignment for dg

??? Undefined function or variable “Np_v”.

Error in ==> charge at 97

Error in ==> main at 202


Error in ==> nanomos at 56

I would really appreciate if you can help me out Thanks Karan

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