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Janusz Woźny

Is it possible to simulate p-n (bipolar) eg. Si diodes

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    HATEM Nassim

    Hello M. Sellier Me too i want to simulate a PN diode In my simulation i have to change differents paraméters of the diode but in the exemple of Archimede in nanohub siteweb , we can’t change somme paraméters like larger of ZCE potential barrier and the larger of P région and N région. Can i use the script of the diode n+ n n+ modifie it to make a PN diode directly ? If yes , Have i do this with installing the softwars(ruptur ..) and compiling the sources codes in my pc ?

    sorry for my english ! Thank you for youre answering !

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    Jean Michel D Sellier

    Hello Janusz,

    It depends on what you want to simulate. If you mean electron transport in a PN junction, yes this is possible. If you mean electron/hole transport in a PN junction, then the answer is no since the hole transport is not implemented yet.

    I hope this helps,


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