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SungGeun Kim

x5 larger Ctot than Cox in QM schred V2

Hello, I found that the QM with Fermi-statistics in Schred V2 gives five times larger Ctot than Cox when I have tox=0.73 nm and NA=7e18 (and other parameters as defaults except I changed tranport direction to 110). Do you think this makes sense? I don’t think so since QM effects only degrades Ctot compared to Cox. Please let me know what could be the problem. Thank you SungGeun

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    Gokula Kannan

    Hi Kim,
    The issue has been fixed. Sorry for the delay. Let me know if you have any other questions


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    Gokula Kannan

    Hi Sung, Yes, i understand, You are right, the capacitance cannot be this high,m infact using using fermi-dirac it has to be much less than the traditional boltzmann stats. I will definitely look into this by this week. I have been terribly busy with my research work, and haven’t had the time to look into the source code, but I will by this week,

    Thanks, gokul

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