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David Feldmann

How can I simulate a gold capped silicon nanoparticle (diameter: 250nm, 500nm, 1000nm, 2000nm) to find absorption spectra?

I have made silicon nanoparticles (diameter: 250nm, 500nm, 1000nm, 2000nm) with half of it covered with 20-30 nm gold. Is there a way to find the plasmon resonances, absorption spectra etc.?

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    Nahil Sobh

    We have build a tool that can numerically simulate the light scattering properties of any shape and any material (provided you have know the dielectric properties of each material)

    Three steps to accomplish this:

    1- Build a geometry file (using any cad software we use  blender) and export it to .obj file (select triangles for surfaces representation)

    2- Use DDSCAT conversion tool at and download the resulting target file

    3- upload the target file (found in step 2) and run DDSCAT tool then view/download results

    Hope this helps.


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