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Ajay Krishnan

Is nanotechnology more Materials Science or Physics oriented?

I want to pursue nanotechnology as a field of higher study. Would I be better off going for a Physics degree, or a Materials Science degree? As a bachelor’s student, are there any foundation courses that I need to complete in order to enter this field? Thanks

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    Jeffrey Roshan De Lile

    Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field. It is not just one subject which is included Physics, Chemistry, Material sciences, Computer science and Biology (Microbiology). It is more like a tool than just one field of science, you can use it for your advantage. Say Material scientist with the knowledge of nanotech can study microscopic processes lead to material properties or their failures. Similarly biologist or chemist can use it to understand basic principles that can’t be explained without the help of nanotech or design drug for specific targets of the human cells. Thus it is depend on which direction you would like to approach your higher education. this will help to make your decision.

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