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Silverio Delgado

why does the 3D field electric field feature complie all previous simulations?

After doing a few simulations I noticed that in the 3D electric field feature seemed to keep previous simulations and I can not have it focus on one. I did unpress the ALL button but previous simulations are still rendering.

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    AbderRahman N Sobh

    I have confirmed this issue and will implement an update containing the fix ASAP.

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    Jeremy Smith

    That is strange. I will look into it, I have not had this problem before.

    In general the program should generate a new field file every time it runs, so I am not sure how it could be combining the fields together. How are you inputting the objects with the built in shapes or with the DDA convert tool?

    In between simulations do you terminate the session and open a new one?

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