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Allen Hall

An executable labelled “PV” is attempting to be run shortly after data-entry on the rappture tool. What is it, and should it have been included in the source?

It appears that this tool is inoperable with the given code.  The rappture interface attempts to launch "PV" which is hard-coded as existing on the original writer's desktop.  There are a few matlab scripts that exist in the source folder that may be able to analyze given data.  I will attempt to work with those .mfiles and see what can be done.  But PV is completely missing / an unknown item and the lack of which means this tool will not work.

I'll drop in if I find out how to utilize the .m files to accomplish the tool's tasks.

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    Xingshu Sun


    I'm not sure what is this "PV"because I didn't see it. Maybe a screen capture will be helpful.

    Here are the steps I follow to run the tool.

    1. Assume you can run Workspace on nanoHUB and download the tool package into your workspace.

    2. There is a file called "Makefile" in the src folder. Run "make install" then Matlab code in the src will be compiled into C++ and stored in the bin foler.

    3. After this, go to the rappture folder and modify "tool.xml". Change line 18 into "<command>./bin/ @drive</command>"

    4 Get back to the top tree directory. Run "./middleware/invoke ./rappture/tool.xml" and then I believe you can run the tool.


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