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Ge Yin 尹格

why the materials can’t be defined as anisotropy material

in s4 ,the materials can be off-diagonal term, epsilon_xy , this can be used if P_MOKE calculation, but in this tools in this web, material is isotropy. 

i look forward to the epsilon_xz and epsilon_yz can be added to this procedure, then we can use it to calculate the L_MOKE and T_MOKE.

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    Peter Bermel

    Hi Ge Yin,

    Thank you for your question. The S4sim nanoHUB tool runs the full S4 executable on the backend, and theoretically has the same capabilities. However, you're correct that the GUI may not include the ability to modify every feature, such as a dielectric tensor. As a work-around, you could create the structure you want in the GUI to the best of your ability, download the control file, and then modify as needed for your application. In the future, if there is a high level of demand for such a feature, I'll ask my students if they could implement it. I hope this answers your question. Thanks again.

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