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liqiao qin

Assumptions used in the QDs simulattions

Dear author, thank you for providing us this useful software.

Do you mind to tell me the assumptions and some fixed parameters used in the simulations, for example, the background materials and doping concentration, the potentials in the edges and so on?

Thank you. _

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    Benjamin P Haley

    Hi, Thanks for your question! NEMO 3D is the computational engine behind Quantum Dot Lab.

    You can find more info about NEMO 3D at this link: If I understand your questions correctly, you are asking how a quantum dot in our tool

    interacts with the material in which it is embedded. The tool only considers the atoms in the dot itself; dangling bonds on atoms on the edge (i.e. bonds which would be shared with an atom outside the dot) are “passivated” with fixed potentials to avoid creating surface states. Essentially, the energies of the dangling orbitals are raised to a level sufficiently high to discourage electrons from occupying those states.

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