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How to correlate unitless inputs to real life experiments?

From what I've learned a force is placed on a various boundary in the 'Boundary Conditions' tab. However, with no units on moduli when entering the data in 'Materials' or the 'profile value' inputted in Boundary Conditions, how can one quantify that input to an exact force? 

Thanks for the help!

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    Stephen Langer

    The units of the output depend on the units of the input.  If you enter lengths and moduli in SI units, the results will be in SI units.   You just need to choose a consistent set, and one in which you aren't expected to add any additional multiplicative factors to the equations.  That is, don't enter a modulus in megapascals and expect the force to be in newtons. It'll be in meganewtons.

    -- Steve

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