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Brandon Myers

My tcl script for rappture stops executing when I get a warning

I have a tcl script interfacing with rappture that calls 3 other tcl scripts. They all give a warning upon exiting inside the simulation window.

oommf.tcl Oc_Config warning: Tcl version mismatch: /usr/local/rappture/lib/ from 8.4.16
Running Tcl 8.4.19
while executing

“exec nameofexecutable $dir/oommf.tcl odtcols “Oxs_TimeDriver::Simulation time” <./sample.odt”

invoked from within…

I’m pretty sure this minor tcl version mismatch is no where near a fatal error, but how can I get the rest of the code to not stop executing? Is this some sort of stderr issue in tcl?

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    Kartik Acharya

    Try the “catch” command to continue executing..

    More information at

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