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Shamik Spirited Sensationally

How to use the ellipsometers Woollam-2000 and Woollam IR-Vase?

How to make light incident on a GFET and know its energy?

How to make the graph on x axis as eV?

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    You-Chia Chang

    Hi Shamik,

    If your question is about how to operate Woollam ellipsometers, you may want to contact the support of Woollam directly to get more complete answer. I’m not sure I understand your questions, but I can try to answer briefly. Both Woollam M-2000 and IR-VASE are spectroscopic ellipsometers. These ellipsometers send broadband light onto your sample and measure the reflection. The spectral response of you sample (i.e. the response as a function of the incident photon energy) is obtained by analyzing the reflected light with spectrometers. Regarding your last question, do you mean the graph in the Photonicvasefit? We only plot the x-axis in wavelength, but you can easily convert the result to eV by using the relation 1 eV = 1.24 um.


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