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The absorption spectrum of a spherical nanoparticle with size > 50 nm has two peaks

I am trying to simulate the absorption spectrum of a spherical silver nanoparticle of 50 nm in the range of 300-700 nm. The obtained result shows that there are two peaks in the absorption spectrum, however, as I know, there should be one. Is this a limitation of the method to the size of a spherical nanoparticle? (With a nanoparticle size of 25nm and 30nm one peak is obtained under the same conditions);


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    Prashant K Jain


     We are not aware of any such limitation. In fact 50 nm nanoparticles have been tested to yield reliable spectra. A single LSPR band with a bluer shoulder (quadrupolar mode) is expected. Are you referring to this blue shoulder as a second peak? Have you compared your extinction spectrum with literature? Without seeing your output spectrum, it is difficult to provide any insight. Please check your settings (e.g., do you have a high enough dipole density, shape is indeed isotropic, refractive index settings are correct). If you believe your settings are correct, you can provide us detailed information about your input and provide your output (extinction spectrum).   

    -Prashant Jain

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