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Suggested Courses, for a begginer in nanoelectronics with no prior knowledge of Quantum Mechanics

Dear Nanohub,

Thank you for the wonderful resources and helpful community members, I new to nanoelectronics and just started taking the self-paced course ECE 606. I have fairly good concepts in the classical picture of semiconductor devices. However, my end goal is to understand nanoelectronics devices (such as nanowire/graphene/CNT) so that I can model their terminal characteristics,  design simulations and interpret experimental results accurately.

The following is my query;

What should be the logical sequence of courses on nanohub that one should take to have a clear understanding of nanoelectronics? And reach the above said goal.

Say for example, ECE606--> ECE495 ??

I hope fellow member will help me get started.

Many thanks


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