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ask for advice about pulg-in unit of spender and codes of fortran.

there are 2questions about pulg-in unit of spender and codes of fortran.

(1)I have downloaded the file (the pulg-in unit and the codes of fortran: the build_pip file(FEM-Geo-Wr.f90, geometry.f90 and etc)) on the and want to build the shape.dat offline for ddscat.exe. I have put the the pulg-in unit of spender(rappture file,contains, and in the file of installation path but the spender have no button of ddscat which is like the Lower left quarter of spender on the,I want to know the reason and if the input filename is specified?

(2)I have also run the codes of fortran with visual studio 2013 and intel visual fortran 2018 on windows 10, the result shows that “Usage: pip MAX_DIPOLE INPUT OUTPUT”, can you tell me the usage method of the codes and the meaning of the parameters(“pip MAX_DIPOLE INPUT OUTPUT”)?

Can the fortran codes from the downloaded convert offline the *.obj file into the shape.dat file which is used in program ddscat.exe?

At last, can you give a e-mail?

Thank you.

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    Prashant K Jain

    May I suggest downloading and running the DDA Convert tool ( offline?

    Best wishes,

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