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how to use the file and in rappture from the downloaded file

After putting the file in the file startup  of the installation of  Blender, the button "Export mesh to DDSCAT" appears in the lower left corner of Blender,and where are the files and shoud put?

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    Hi Anonymous,

    I recommend that you run the nanoDDSCAT+ tool in the browser instead of a local installation. We even provide remote cluster resources if you need to run a large simulation online with

    If you want to locally install, then you will need to have all the required compiler packages as well as a local installation of Rappture in order to build and run the nanoDDSCAT+ tool. Installation is intended for a Linux environment. There is a Makefile provided in the /src/ folder which will automatically compile the executables for you. After you build the tool, you will be able to run and through the Rappture interface automatically as they will be available from the command line. The file to run with Rappture is called "toolmenu" and is also in the /src/ folder.


    Please let me know if you have any further questions!

    AbderRahman Sobh

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