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Christina Eberhardt

Is "Do not include" information allowed indirectly or not?

I have a few questions about the slide on "Do not include". 

While I see why the law forbids to use information like birthdate, gender and nationality, I am not sure if having this information displayed indirectly is allowed or not. 

For example if I put bachelor's degree 2018 and master's degree 2020 and no former job experience the employer will either know that I am probably younger than 30 or would have to assume a horrific gap in my curriculum vitae. With a bachelor's degree from abroad companies could easily guess I am a foreigner even if I don't state it explicitly. From names they would be able to guess a person's background and gender in many cases. Are those examples for giving the information forbidden by law ok if it is in that way or would the Resume still be disposed of?

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    Gerhard Klimeck

    This is an excellent set of questions.   

    You are absolutely correct about your assumptions that from the provided information a variety of data points can be gathered that could ultimately lead to discrimination: age, gender, religious, national origin, familial status.   I am sure that such discrimination continues to exist.  Nevertheless, your resume will NOT be discarded for containing the information you highlight.    

    What I am advising against is to EXPLICITLY state these data points on your resume.   Many, if not most companies will indeed throw out your resume if you explicitly state your date of birth, gender etc.   

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