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Teng F Lee

When I enter the values I get a blank graph.

I am trying to work on a lab for a class, but when I enter in my desired values I get a blank graph. I am not sure what to do. I was told by my professor that I need to adjust the gains, but I did a range of values and still got a blank graph. Here are the desired parameters :
Using the example 1 – tip convolution, set the following conditions
i. Operating condition: cantilever stiffness to match that of the DNPs
ii. Tip Sample Interaction, properties: Use the DMT model and tip radius of DNPs.
iii. Simulation parameters: scan size=50nm.
iv. Tip Sample Interaction, features: geometry=step, height=10nm, length=30nm
The stiffness is .12n/m and tip radius is 20nm.

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