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“degeneracy factor “what it is really mean

I want to know badly what is the meaning of the term “degeneracy factor” in statistics of charge carrier in impurity semiconductor. You know, The probability of occupancy of the donor level, E(donor), can be obtained by substituting E(donor) for E in the Fermi-Dirac distribution function. In addition, I know because of a donor ion can receive only one electron, we have to put the degeneracy factor into Fermi-Dirac distribution function for a correction. However, what is the physical and the mathematical meaning of this factor. Please respond. thank you very much P/s: I have a great thankfulness for anyone intend to recommend me some text book to read, but I am in Viet Nam, the library is too bad. Therefore, would tou please explain more clearly as possible. Thank, once again

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    Benjamin P Haley

    Hi, The degeneracy factor means the number of electronic states which have the same energy level. Mathematically these states are eigenstates of the system’s Hamiltonian with the same

    eigenvalue (energy level). A donor ion may only receive one electron, but it could be one of several electrons with the same energy level.

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