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Aziz Ogutlu

oofcanvas 1.1.0 cmake error

Dear All,

When I tried to compile oofcanvas 1.1.0 on ccmake step, it gave this error:

Could NOT find Python3 (missing: Python3_INCLUDE_DIRS Python3_LIBRARIES
 Development Development.Module Development.Embed) (found version "3.6.8")
 Found SWIG: /opt/ohpc/pub/apps/swig/4.1.1/bin/swig (found version "4.1.1")
 Found SWIG: /opt/ohpc/pub/apps/swig/4.1.1/bin/swig (found suitable version
 "4.1.1", minimum required is "4.1") found components: python
 Checking for module 'pygobject-3.0>3.22'
   Found pygobject-3.0, version 3.22.0
 Checking for modules 'Magick++>=6.0;Magick++<7.0'
   Found Magick++, version 6.9.10
   Found Magick++, version 6.9.10Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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