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How do I run MATLAB under rappture?

How do I run a MATLAB program under rappture? I’ve committed my changes to the SVN. Then after some approval process, I check my files out, only to discover that the program does not work in my workspace (but it works in nanohub).

How am I supposed to run the program properly?


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    Steven Clark

    Since you indicate that your application works in nanoHUB but not your workspace I will assume that everything you need is in place you just need to build the compiled Matlab executables.

    If you checkout your project as

    $ svn co MYTOOL

    You should go to the src directory and build the executables – $ cd MYTOOL/src $ make install

    To test it do the following – $ cd ../.. $ ./MYTOOL/middleware/invoke -T pwd/MYTOOL

    If this information does not answer your question you will have to provide more information about what tool you are developing and what specific error you are incurring.

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