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PN Junction Lab – 100 Warnings

I had some trouble running PN Junction Lab; it gave more than 100 warnings for some simulation cases and then stopped. I think I figured it out: using exactly 1 or 2 V as applied voltage does not work (is interpreted as a integer?) while 1.01 or 1.99 works fine.

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    Xufeng Wang

    Thanks for your question!

    First of all, for tool related questions/troubles, please use the ‘help’ button on the respected tool information page, or send us a support ticket if you suspect the problem is a program bug. The ‘nanoHUB answers’ section is for general questions.

    Warning messages such as the ones you observed aren’t errors. In most cases, programmers use these warning messages to keep track of what the program is doing. (For example, if the program does not converge at some bias, it may print out a warning and then back up and take smaller voltage steps.) They are usually not of great concerns.

    The problem of program malfunctions at integer bias has been addressed to the development team. As of January 1st, 2008, this bug has been corrected. The latest version of ‘PN Junction Lab’ reflects this change.

    Xufeng Wang

    On behalf of Prof. Mark Lundstrom & PN Junction Lab development team.

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