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Alexander Krause

Deploying Matlab Script as client-side applet

I am trying to deploy matlab calculation programs as client-side java applications. The idea is to have a repeatable process of conversion such that anyone could make a matlab program web-deployable by following a set of instructions. The original idea was to use java as the end product since it is cross-platform, but I’d be open to any suggestions. Does anyone know the best way to make this conversion/deployment?

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    Benjamin P Haley

    Hi, I don’t know if you want to consider deploying your Matlab tools here on the nanoHUB, but the Rappture toolkit makes it easy. You register a tool, and write an interface for it, in Matlab,

    or other language of your choice (Perl, Python, C, Fortran, Ruby). The tool is then available on the nanoHUB, and we handle the deployment issues. Anyone with a web browser can access the tool, which is usually easier than ensuring that all end users have the correct version of Java.

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