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Any models for nano crossbars?

I am looking for some kind of SPICE models for nano crossbars; specifically, some models for nanowires, nwfets, crosspoints. However, even though there are models for CNFETs, I could not find any public models for NW based ones. Any suggestions?


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    Saumitra Raj Mehrotra

    Hi You can search through nanohub for things related to your interest. I can suggest you a tool NanoNet similar to your interest. Below is a short description. NanoNET is a tool to simulate the Nanobundle Network Thin Film Transistors (NB-TFTs). Random networks of carbon nanotubes with thousands of tubes and random orientation can be simulated using this tool. The final answer can be compactly formulated in the formula shown in the picture. Here ID is current and LC and LS is channel length and tube length of the transistor and m is the current exponent

    thanks Saumitra

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