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Abhijeet Paul

Simulation for 3D finfet fails

I ran the simulation with 3D finfet and the job failed. Also is it possible to run simulation with intrinsic channel ?

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    SungGeun Kim

    Now, the error with 3D finfet(triple gate finfet) simulation is fixed. It was a memory problem, so the mesh size is reduced and the memory allocation algorithm is fixed. In example lists, at the first page of the tool, you can select triple gate n-finfet and get the results intantaneously. However, the Gaussian doping is deactivated for triple gate case because it causes error. For other structures, Gaussian doping is still allowed to use.

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    SungGeun Kim

    Yes, the 3D finfet problem will be fixed and updated soon. Intrinsic channel can be realized by doping channel with intrinsic level, for example, 1e10cm^3.

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