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estabrak talib abdullah

subiects to study

if I like to study nanodevices and spintronic field what subjects should I be study first.

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    Mohanad Zaki

    For NanoDevices/NanoElectronics: One has to go though basic semiconductor devices and physics. The lectures by Mark Lundstrom on NanoHub is relevant here, it at a level suitable for Electrical Engineers.

    For Spintronics: You need to look at superconductivity and Magnetism, there is lot more physics here than in nanodevices (though for a complete description of a nanodevice, there is a lot of quantum mechanics). So yes, knowing Quantum Mechanics is essential.

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    Saumitra Raj Mehrotra

    Hi, You can follow the lecture series by Prof S Datta as a starting point.

    thanks Saumitra

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