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Alelign Mekonnen

commands for gate and substrate current with respect to DRAIN VOLTAGE

What is the padre command code for finding gate and substrate current with respect to drain voltage(VDD)in a MOSFET .(Ig-VDD and Isub-VDD).

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    SungGeun Kim

    It’s not simple to answer this question. But, at least, I can try. (First of all, I am not the developer of the Padre.) There is no such a command in Padre which plots specific IV curve. But, you can plot what you want by changing the wrapper script “padrewr”. ( But, I don’t know you can do this or not because to make a change in it, you may need to be a developer team of the Padre.) Because Padre dump out the iv if you have following commands in the padre inputdeck:

    solve PROJ v1=0 v2=0.05 v3=0 vstep=0.1 nsteps=10
    +elect=3 outfile=iv

    , you can find the output file under the name “iv”. In that file you will find all the data of currents in each contacts. If 1 is drain and 2 is source and 3 is gate, then the outputfile will be arranged in certain way to show you which is which.

    Discerning this is not easy for beginners and reading the wrapper script and changing it could be not easy task for them. So if you need more help, please e-mail me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    Sung Geun

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