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Shuaib Salamat

where are options to plot Id-Vg in this tool and also change nanotube dia

i could not figure out the option to plot Id-Vg using this tool. also i did not see the option to change (n,m) or Chirality and nanotube dia.

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    I believe this tool assumes that the nanotube is a perfectly ballistic channel (no scattering) and thus the IV characteristics are dominated by the schottky barriers at the contacts. This would allow one to ignore the length and diameter of the nanotube.

    As for plotting Id vs. Vg, it seems that the output does not plot it directly, the alternative would be to set the Vg values and Vd to be what you want (this will produce the plot with a line of dots as it will try to plot it against Vd for each Vg value), download the data and plot it in some other software such as Matlab.

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    Arash Hazeghi

    Hi, The length of the tube does not matter in this case since it assumes a ballisitc model, however if tube becomes too short the decaying potential from SBs on each side will reach each other and thus gate will lose control over the channel, this is similar to short channel effects and it is modeled, the default length is 100nm I will add the length as an input parameter so you can input your own lengths. As for diameter, this code assumes a (19,0) CNt with roughly 1.5nm diameter, in order to include diameter code needs to generate bandstructure each time you run it, which will make it very slow. I will include a table band structure for more chiralitlies so you can pick a chirality which is closest to your diameter.


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