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Markus Ratzke

How to read values at a specific point?

I would like to plot the electric field at a specific point vs applied voltage for a MOSCAP simulation. Does anyone know how to setup the Plot.1D command for that?

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    SungGeun Kim

    Hi, You might try

    PLOT.1D E.FIELD A.X=0.045 B.X=0.045 A.Y=0.036 B.Y=0.036

    But, you should insert this commands for each bias points and plot them in sequential plot which means you should write your own wrapper script and tool.xml which is not easy.

    But, in the inputdeck you can try as following

    solve …. v1=0.1
    plot.1D E.FIELD … solve … v1=0.2
    plot.1D E.FIELD…

    I don’t know what the result will be look like. but, at least you can extract the values for each bias points and plot it on any other program for ex. “microsoft excel”.

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