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what are the main problems in using MuGFET tool while simulating a Fi

What are the main aspects of device structures that need to be taken care of while going for the device simulation of FinFET and also what things shuld be kept in mind while setting the simulator for a particular structure?

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    SungGeun Kim

    The main aspects of FinFET is that it can reduce short channel effects compared to single gate MOSFET. However, to achieve this you have to set the length and the height(or width) of finfet properly. There are some guidelines such as the length should be 2 times larger than the height.

    Using MuGFET, you have to realize that it is a drift diffusion simulator and quantum mechanics is not taken into account. So it has to be taken into account in other tools like SHRED. You can extract quantum capcitance and equivalent oxide thickness due to quantum effects.

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