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How can we convert pdb to pqr in windows?

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    Umberto Ravaioli

    The developers of pdb2pqr at give the following comment in the Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I run PDB2PQR under Windows? The PDB2PQR web interface can be accessed with nearly any browser on any platform, so this question will focus on the command-line version of the software.

    The PDB2PQR code itself is written in OS-independent Python, and thus will work with Python under Cygwin. Unfortunately PROPKA makes use of compilers and shared objects, which can be rather tricky through Cygwin. For basic functionality under Windows, it is strongly recommended to use PDB2PQR without PROPKA enabled; if you would like to try to get PROPKA working as well, you might want to look at section 6.2.2 of the Building Extensions in the Python Tutorial.

    The link to the website is

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