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How to get the inputfiles

I have downloaded the RTD source code to my own computer on which Redflag Linux operating system is intalled. But after making Makefile ,I can not run the program as a result of lack of inputfile. Could you tell me how to get it?

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    Benjamin P Haley

    Hi, If you do a sample run of the RTD tool, the output log contains the input deck used. You can

    download the output log to your computer (use the Download button next to the Result drop-down box) and extract the input deck. You could then modify the input deck as you need for simulations on your computer.

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    Michael McLennan

    The RTD source code bundle contains an “examples” directory at the top level with “” (input deck) and “rtd.dat” (data file for a specific device). This gives you at least one example of how to run the sequal2_1.f program outside of the Rappture environment.

    The theory behind this tool is described by A more accurate version of this tool is

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