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How To Know That Your Bmw Radiator Is Leaking

Those who own a BMW, know that they own one of the lovely luxurious vehicles that usually does no give one much trouble. But, then again, at the end of the day, it is a vehicle that after running a considerable number of miles will undergo some wear and tear to the parts. The only way to keep it running on the road without much hassle can be bringing it to an auto body shop Greensboro NC to take a thorough look. All technical glitches can be noted easily, and taken care of. Of the many issues that your BMW might encounter over the time is leakage in the radiator. The car might be giving out signs of this issue for a long time, but unfortunately, not too many owners can identify the signs. As such, the trouble signs tend to get overlooked and your BMW car might come to a halt in the middle of the road. 

There is only one thing that can be done in this regard, and that is, to know the probable signs of a leaking radiator. 

How to know that there is a leakage in the radiator? 

Following are the many signs to know that there is leakage in the radiator of your posh BMW: 

Look out for puddle underneath the engine- When you move the vehicle from the driveway, or garage, look out for any puddle on the ground. Check under the engine for any fluid. If you see that there is a puddle of green, slimy fluid, then in all chances, that has been leaking from the radiator. The fluid is highly toxic, and needs to be removed from the ground before any animal or human being comes in contact with the same. 

Check the coolant level in the car- Before you take the BMW out for a spin, make sure to check the coolant level in the car. Coolant is important for the car, and it should be in adequate amount as it is the coolant that flows through the radiator and absorbs all excess heat from the engine. As the car puts on miles, the coolant level depletes accordingly. Every car owner should be aware of this and the coolant level should be maintained accordingly. This helps in keeping the car in good shape and avoid sudden BMW repair. If on checking, the level of coolant is not adequate, then that can point towards a leaking radiator. 

Faulty radiator hoses- With time, the hoses that are connected to the radiator, end to wear away. Damage also happens to the connecting clamps. They get loose with time due to the engine vibrations. The loose clamps and damaged hoses can lead to leaks in the radiator. The connections and radiator hoses need to be inspected at regular intervals. Any leaks can surface during the inspection and can be repaired at the right time. 

Engine gets overheated frequently- The primary task of the radiator is to keep the engine in good shape. It also stalls overheating of the engine and keeps it protected from getting damaged. If the radiator leaks, then the engine will get overheated easily, and frequently. So, if you see that this is happening, then the likely chances are that the radiator is leaking in places. 

Corrosion and Discoloration- When coolant is discharged from the radiator, then it can cause discoloration to the same. If the radiator leaks too much, then it can lead to corrosion as well. To check the intensity of the leakage, one needs ti check the underside of the radiator for signs of any discoloration. If you take it to an auto body shop, then the technician can also take a look at the adjacent engine parts. They will clean the engine as it makes it easier to spot the leaks. Once it is properly cleaned, the engine is started for inspecting any leaks. Leaks in the hoses can be fixed without much trouble. Leaks in the radiator are hard to fix, and should be done by an expert. 

The BMW is a costly car, and since you have invested so much in the vehicle, you should not stop from getting it the right service treatment it deserves. If you want your car not to give up on when you are out on the road, then you should consider timely maintenance and servicing. Overlooking the fact that the radiator might develop leaks is not a good thing to do. You should consider that after running so much, the radiator might have seen its better days. Don’t put it on its last legs. While still there is time, make sure that you are driving your BMW to an auto body shop for some fine tuning.

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