nanoHUB-U: Physics of Electronic Polymers

nanoHUB-U: Physics of Electronic Polymers

Offering: Spring 2017 Section: Default

  • Lecture 4.3: Aligning P3HT Crystalline Domains 1. Lecture 4.3: Aligning P3HT Cry… 0
  • Electron Microscopy Imaging of P3HT Crystals 2. Electron Microscopy Imaging of… 106.50650650650651
  • Lengths Scales are Correlated in Semicrystalline P3HT 3. Lengths Scales are Correlated … 164.99833166499835
  • Reducing Grain Boundaries Increases Charge Mobility 4. Reducing Grain Boundaries Incr… 228.79546212879546
  • Large Crystalline Domains Can Be Aligned 5. Large Crystalline Domains Can … 289.75642308975642

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