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Events: 2009/11/18

  • 17 Nov 2009
    • 1:00 pm EST 
      10:00 pm EST 

      Nanomaterials and Human Health & Instrumentation, Metrology, and Analytical Methods

      Category: conference/workshop

      This is the third workshop in the National Nanotechnology Initiative's nanoEHS workshop series. This highly integrated workshop brings together the areas of nanomaterials and human health research with efforts to understand, predict, and quantify the chemical and physical properties and...

    • 1:00 pm EST 
      10:00 pm EST 


      Category: seminar

      This meeting will combine scientific presentations, user exchanges, training and consortium communications. Scienomics provides software technology that helps organizations to use simulation technology in their R&D activities as a tool for efficient product and process design and development.

    • 1:00 pm EST 
      10:00 pm EST 

      Nano Petroleum, Gas and Petro-Chemical Industries Conference

      Category: conference/workshop

      Fuel your imagination! Nanotechnology offers us a radically new way of thinking about energy. It offers an entirely new frontier for exploration: the ability to stretch the limits of our current energy sources, and to go beyond these sources into new and uncharted territories. Join...


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