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Events: 2010/10

  • 20 Oct 2010
    10:30 pm BST 
    to 21 Oct 2010
    12:30 am BST 

    SLC/NCN Student Etiquette Dinner

    Category: other

    All Purdue NCN-associated students and faculty are invited to join us for an Etiquette Dinner Event, presented by Mr. Anthony Cawdron, an experienced hospitality expert and house manager to Purdue's president. Space is limited, so an RSVP is required. If you did not receive an email...

  • 21 Oct 2010
    10:00 pm BST 
    to 10:00 pm BST 

    NCN Student Resume Project - Due Date

    Category: other

    Student resumes are due to Lynn Zentner by 5 PM on Thursday, October 21, 2010. All NCN-affiliated students are required to submit a resume as part of the Resume Workshop in our Professional Development Series. If you did not receive an email regarding this event, please go to the nanoHUB group...

  • 27 Oct 2010
    5:00 pm BST 
    to 6:00 pm BST 

    From Lens-Maker's to Maxwell's Equations: Focal Fields and the nanometer computational challenge

    Category: seminar

    NCN@Illinois Students Meeting, with keynote presentation by NCN@Illinois student Zuhaib Bashir Sheikh. Free lunch will be provided. All are welcome.

  • 31 Oct 2010
    12:00 pm GMT 
    to 9:00 pm GMT 

    2010 Joint NNIN/C & NCN Fall Workshop: Registration Deadline

    Category: conference/workshop

    Nanoscience relies on intensive atomistic simulations that generate copious amounts of data. Since various ab-initio and empirical approaches exist in the field, there is a growing need to develop a common collaborative framework to provide meaningful comparisons between...


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