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NPDP Hands-On-Site Workshop

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The Introductions to Nanotechnology and Nanotechnology Curriculum Materials 1 and 2 workshops that were held this spring gave participant educators the opportunity to remotely learn about nanotechnology workforce education from the NPDP Team using a live-stream technology approach. The NPDP Team is now opening up applications to the next phase of training, hands-on face to face laboratory experiences entitled NPDP Hands-On-Site Workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to enable educators who attend these experiences to enhance their understanding of this technology and further understand the laboratory experiences that NPDP partners are using within their nanotechnology workforce programs, leading to implementation of nanotechnology classroom experiences, nanotechnology courses or perhaps nanotechnology workforce programs at their home institutions.

Only applicants who have demonstrated nanotechnology proficiency and completed the Nano Curriculum I and II workshops will be eligible to attend one of four NPDP sites (Erie Community College, Forsyth Tech, Salt Lake Community College, or Penn State) for a hands-on workshop. These multi-day workshops are designed to give the participant actual experience within a cleanroom to aid them in implementing the material into their own coursework and/or program. 

There is no registration fee and approved travel costs will be reimbursed after the workshop.

When: Wednesday 31 July, 2019 8:00 am EDT - Friday 02 August, 2019 5:00 pm EDT
Where: Penn State University, University Park, PA
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