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International Nanotechnology Symposium

Category: conference/workshop
Description: The symposium will gather experts from France, Mexico and throughout the United States to discuss pioneering approaches employing a high-resolution DMA (Differential Mobility Analyzer), a physical detection method that can be applied to many virus species, particles, and ions in the environment as well as oncology patients and at-risk populations. The availability of physical methods for rapid, reliable, and complete detection of nano-particles opens up a new era in early detection of disease and environmental threats. Attendees can expect to learn how this innovative technology works, hear examples of a wide array of applications, and first-hand insight on an A-H1N1 case study. A live demonstration of the technology and a poster session is included in the day's activities with a reception at the conclusion. This exlusive event is by invitation. Request an invitation at subject "2009 Symposium"
When: Tuesday 28 July, 2009, 1:00 pm - 8:30 pm GMT
Where: Moores UCSD Cancer Center, 3855 Health Sciences Drive, La Jolla, Ca 92093
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