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IMA Hot Topics Workshop - Uncertainty Quantification in Materials Modeling (Dec 16-17, 2013)

Category: conference/workshop
Description: This Hot Topics Workshop will bring together materials scientists specializing in modeling and simulation with researchers in uncertainty quantification (UQ) with the goal of identifying the main challenges in UQ for materials application. Some of the specific challenges in this area that will be addressed include: * Quantifying model form error that originates from lack of knowledge; * Uncertainties with multiple origins and at multiple scales that need to be quantified and propagated; * Combining models with disparate scales and descriptions (e.g., particle based vs. continuum), multiple fidelity, and stochastic outputs; and * Capturing intrinsic variability at atomic and microstructural levels. There will be several types of presentations: materials modeling, UQ techniques, and UQ in materials. The workshop will also focus on the industry's need to develop new materials using simulation-based methods. The format of the workshop will be a series of presentations targeted to a broad audience, as well as discussion sessions. The schedule will also allow for informal discussions among participants. Live Streaming The workshop will offer Live streaming during the event and will also be available afterwards via archive. Live streaming may be accessed via the "Live Streaming" link on the conference website. Organizers Stephen Christensen The Boeing Company Andrew Dienstfrey National Institute of Standards and Technology Frederick Phelan National Institute of Standards and Technology Alejandro Strachan Purdue University
When: Monday 16 December, 2013 8:00 am EST - Tuesday 17 December, 2013 5:00 pm EST
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